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Trade Credit

Trade In Policy

Thanks for trading in your previously loved books to us here at Sudden Fiction! Here are some guidelines:

  1. Please bring your trades during business hours. Do not leave books outside the doorway when not one is present.
  2. We are a small bookstore so we cannot take ALL the books so we must be selective. Preference will be given to certain types of books and not to to others. Please review the list of books we prefer and also the types we will not take.We cannot handle large quantities of books! Each customer is limited to bring 1 box of books in to trade/week. We reserve the right to STOP accepting all trades with no notice if we have no more room. This will be noted on our website under “trade information”.
  3. We DO NOT TAKE: owners manuals, software books, “For Dummies” books, erotica or series romances, sparknotes, encyclopedias, text books, used library books, magazines, newspapers, Reader’s Digest or outdated travel books. We also will not take books that are not in good to very good condition. Please do not bring in very damaged books!
  4. We would LOVE: current, amazing and/or popular fiction and non fiction books for adults, children and teens!

When will we be able to process your trade?

We are a small shop so we will not be able to review your trade in on the spot. If it is quiet we might be able to while you shop and/or grab a bite to eat or a drink at Ecclesia or while you shop at a local Castle Rock collective! If we cannot, we will take your books and contact information and get back to you within 2-3 days. The books we cannot take you will be welcome to donate (see below) or pick back up in a timely manner.

Now that you have store credit, how can you use it??

Store credit can be used to purchase up to 50% of any NEW book or USED book! For example, if you have $5 of store credit you can put this towards a new book purchase (not to exceed 50% of the book list price) or towards a used book purchase (not to exceed 50% of the book list price).

Why can’t you use your credit towards 100% of the purchase?  Well, we are a new small business and if you want us to stick around, vote with your dollars!  Consider each dollar you spend here one that will keep us alive and well in Castle Rock for years to come!

So what do I do with my books that you so cruelly rejected?

Don’t be sad!!  If we did not take all your books and they are not on our DO NOT TAKE list we would be happy to have you donate them.  These books will not be sold in the main store but once or twice a year we will hold a larger sale where these books will be sold at deep discounts and 50% of proceeds will go to support a charity we will publish in advance of the sale.