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Author Events

Are you a local author interested in having an event at Sudden Fiction or having your book stocked in the store?

Great, you've made it to the right place.

Take a look at the information below.


We love our local authors! Interested in having your book(s) in our shop? Here's a few of our snarky particulars.

1) We don't offer consignment, but! We're happy to purchase a couple copies for the standard 60/40 split (60% to you). 

2) We can do that through Ingram or through you, but alas, not through Amazon/Barnes and Noble/etc. 

3) We'll promote them on our social medias, and link to any posts/events you may be doing!


Interested in an author event here at the shop? here's a couple more of our snarky guidelines:
-for smaller events in the shop there are two basic options:

1) We recommend setting up a table in the shop on a friday, saturday, or sunday around noon and utilizing the local foot traffic to bolster your fans. For that type of event, there's no charge and we'll try and set something up a couple months out and boost it on our and your social medias. 

2) If you want a weeknight, we can make that happen but 1) the cost is $100--which covers staff and staying open late. Also, Castle Rock gets quiet after normal business hours so an evening event would rely more on your fans comprising the majority of the event.


Events that take place in the shop during normal business hours must allow for normal customer traffic--as such, author readings are fine, but we can't augment the shop and put out chairs or block the shelves. After hours events can be set up however you want!


-for larger events (20+):

1) There is a bar upstairs that can be booked in advance. 

2) We'll staff the event and do the same type of promotion, book ordering, etc.
3) The bar option is the best if you want the event to be private/separate from the normal traffic/guests of the book shop.


That's the boiler plate info! If this doesn't answer your questions, let us know! And, if you wanna move forward with any of those options, also let us know!